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We are looking for Ch

We are looking for Ch. Eng, 2nd Eng, 3rd Eng, ETO for Oil Tanker.
Boarding date: March-April 2017.
Vessels are ‎‎‎‎40000 - 70000 DWT
Sailing Area: Asia
Ch. Eng - USD ‎‎‎‎‎11000-13800
2nd Eng - USD ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎8000-10500
3rd Eng - USD ‎‎‎4000-4500
USD ‎‎4500-6000
Duration of cont:
Ch. Eng, 2nd Eng - 4+1 months
3rd Eng, ETO - 6+1 months
- Good English
- Experience with centrifugal pumps (steam turbine)
- Previous experience in rank on same type of vessel
- Valid Oil Endorsements
- For Ukrainians, Russians, Crimean citizens.
Send your CV to cv@thebest-crew.c...
In topic indicate the position you apply for.

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