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We are looking CO /CE/ 2E/ETO for NEW HEAVY LIFT. 

Salary :-CO- USD 6000 to 7500 up to 55 years

 -CE -USD 8000 to 9000 up to 56 years;

 -2E -USD 6000 to 7000 up to 46 years; 

-ETO -USD 3000 to 4500 up to 45 years 

and depends on experience. 

Requirement:-MANDATORY having experience on NEW HEAVY LIFT vessels;

 - CE/2E is having experience on latest 2 stroke electric engine; 

- ETO having experience on heavy lift cargo exp and bulk carrier

 . General cargo with heavy lift or MPP exp preferred

 - Good English; 

- Only for Ukrainian and Seafarers.Send your CV to cv@thebest-crew.com 

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