Назад к списку

We are urgently looking for crew:


DWT: 40.000 

Year of build: 2005 

Trading Area: ASIA 

Crew: mixed 

Joining date: ASAP 

Wage & Duration: 

C/E: UP TO 9.500 USD 4±1 m 

2/E : UP TO 7.000 USD 4±1 m 

ETO: up to 6.000 USD * 5±1 m 

3/O: up to 2.600 USD * 6±1 m 

FITTER: UP TO 2.000 USD * 6±1 m 

Tel: +380737358895 

Please send your CV to cv@thebest-crew.com and in subject indicate your rank and type of vessel (Example: ETO for CONTAINER SHIP) 

TBC Shipmanagement